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We’ve been at the forefront of electrical design and analysis since 1949.


Our History

John Kocher, Founding President and Principal, 1949

John Kocher, Founding President and Principal, 1949


It all started IN…

April 1949 when John Kocher created the firm in Glendale, CA.  Over his storied tenure as the president and principal of the company, John provided electrical design engineering services to customers of varying business sizes throughout Southern California; the lasting relationships he initiated includes the University of Southern California, Claremont Colleges, and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

In 1951, John partnered with structural engineer, Bradford, and mechanical engineer, Joe Nishimura, to form Kocher & Bradford & Nishimura Consulting Engineers. By 1963, Kocher & Bradford & Nishimura Consulting Engineers reached the milestone of 1000 completed projects. In the late-1960s, Mr. Bradford exited the firm, while Kocher & Nishimura Consulting Engineers continued to provide mechanical, plumbing, and electrical engineering services to their clients through the 1980s. After Mr. Nishimura’s departure, John and his team continued to provide electrical design services to the firm’s clients.

In 1989, John Kocher brought on John Schirra from Westinghouse Electric Corporation as a partner. Mr. Schirra had spent fourteen years with Westinghouse and was the Manager of the Western Region Consulting, Advisory and Training Services (CATS) Center at Westinghouse. In that role, he was responsible for the performance and supervision of analytical studies, field investigation, system design, and training for thirteen western states.  With Mr. Schirra’s addition to the firm, Kocher & Schirra Consulting Engineers expanded their electrical engineering offering to include power system analysis.

In 1992, Manoucher Goharizi joined the Kocher & Schirra Consulting Engineers partnership. Mr. Goharizi had most recently spent six years at Westinghouse Electric Corporation providing power system studies for hospitals, power plants, refineries, naval stations, and mines.

After Mr. Kocher’s retirement in the late-1990s, Mr. Schirra, Mr. Goharizi, and the team of talented engineers at KSG have been continuing Mr. Kocher’s legacy through today. Kocher Schirra Goharizi Consulting Engineers has been the consultant of choice for prominent companies such as Jet Propulsion Laboratory, AMGEN, and the Aerospace Corporation; esteemed educational facilities such as the University of Southern California, UCLA, and Claremont Colleges; and renowned entertainment studios Disney, Warner Brothers, Fox, Paramount, and ABC.

KSG has incorporated a professional, diverse, and highly experienced team of electrical engineers, designers, drafters, and administrators to support our broad portfolio of clientele through the next generation.  The relationships we have fostered with our lifelong customers continue to flourish today. Clients who work with us can count on collaborating with a refined organization of experienced and young engineers eager to provide unparalleled electrical consulting services.